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Community Policing: A New Way of Using the Eyes and Ears of Policemen, Dublin (IE), 31 March – 1 April 2016


Society is changing rapidly, in all its aspects. Policing is also changing: from the more traditional style of policing to a more cooperative form. This requires a change of culture within the police force, including a change in leadership style. During this seminar, participants will explore ways of achieving this new form of policing. Speakers from the world of practice will talk about their experiences with this topic in the field. They will discuss the pros and cons of community policing, including the change in culture, leadership skills and competences. This is an exciting seminar in a stimulating environment. The seminar will be held at a location near the Jameson Distillery within the Smithfield district of Dublin, where participants will be able to see how community policing works.

This EPSA 2015 Nominee was submitted by the Dublin Police. It is an excellent example of how to do more with much less. Participants will get a proof of this in theory and practice in Dublin next year.

For more information, please see the full programme and registration form.